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ECOBROKER is a ‘marketplace for research ideas’ consisting of a free service web platform and events programme where academic and non-academic participants can network, share research ideas, and benefit from mutual support.

ECOBROKER was setup by Dr Tamara Hochstrasser (UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science) with support from the UCD Earth Institute through their Strategic Priority funding.

It aims to allow participants in the network to discuss ideas and approaches together or in small groups by highlighting common interests and desire to solve problems.
  • Research ideas do not need to be in a finalised form to be submitted to ECOBROKER
  • ECOBROKER works best where an initial idea or knowledge gap is proposed
  • The ECOBROKER collaborative process serves as a kind of ‘research formulation phase’, where practitioners and researchers can collaboratively formulate questions more precisely
  • The outcome of this process could be a research proposal or the formulation of a research tender

Projects and collaborations arising from this exchange of research ideas will help address multifaceted environmental and societal challenges through knowledge co-production.

How to use ECOBROKER

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